Hanoi looks at its best in Autumn, that fact is unknown to most of the tourists to Hanoi. There are hardly any traveler bloggers would tell you this fact but the insiders who have lived in Hanoi long enough to experience all of its different weathers. And we are here to assure you that you could get the greatest experience in Hanoi during the months of autumn.

Autumn is the most suitable time of the year for your trip to Hanoi. The truth is the summer is too hot and you might find yourself sweating rather than enjoying the trip. The winter is good but the winter sky doesn’t feel quite like. And for the spring, it is wonderful but to be honest, it would rain quite a lot, not that much to soak yourself in water but enough to drag your mood down constantly.

And here comes the Autumn with the nice sky, warm sunlight and cool breeze all day. The season is famously known as the best season of the year, this notion has gone into the poems and songs for generations. Sadly not many foreigners know Vietnamese well to grasp how inspirational Hanoi’s Autumn is to artists, poets and musicians. That is to say, autumn is the truly most-loved season in Hanoi.

As a traveler, you can expect a lot of wonderful things to be explored on your holiday in Hanoi.

Astronia, or hoa sữa which means milk flower in Vietnamese, is the signature flower, the famous symbol of Hanoi’s autumn. The subtle fragrance of milk flower will fill the street of Hanoi.

Cốm or the green rice is famously known as one of Hanoi’s famous dishes. It is not popular to tourists as pho or bun cha, but actually, the green rice is one of the greatest features of Hanoi cuisine for generations. Làng Vòng or Vong Village is well-known as the place to produce the best cốm in Hanoi.

Here we come to the category of Autumn fruits. In this section, sấu is the most renowned fruit of Hanoi. It is one of the most highly-anticipated things which follow the fall. With this food, people have created different desserts and snacks which will savor your appetite.

During the Autumn, the city also celebrates a lot of big events, for example, October 2nd – the national day, or the Mid-Autumn festival. Therefore, there will be many events to expect.