Vietnam is the home of a variety of unique delicious coffees; but where is the best and how to find them? Below is a list of best coffee shops in Hanoi. Let’s see!


Giang Cafe

This coffee shop is named after the founder Nguyen Van Giang, known as the father of famous egg coffee (café trung). Giang created this unique beverage in 1946 when he was working as a bartender at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. Because milk is so scarce at that time in Vietnam; therefore, milk is replaced by egg. It is a blend of coffee and egg, mixed with sugar. A foreigner shared his thought on Giang café on Tripadvisor “It’s absolutely the best pace for egg coffee. The staffs are very nice. The terrace is always busy and the atmosphere is good. Egg coffee was an experience-kind of like a thick caramel latte.

Open 07:00 AM – 10:30 PM | 39 (lane), Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

Cong Café

For the coconut coffee, Cong cafe is absolutely the best. They also serve coconut coffee smoothies, more like a kind of icy delicious dessert than a drink. There are several Cong café shops round Hanoi. All of them have free wifi. In addition, the décor here features the Vietnam in 1940s with 1940s’ common stuffs such as padded cotton waistcoat of Vietnamese soldiers, vintage cups and so on.

Hence, with Cong café, you not only enjoy the best coconut coffee but also get deeper understanding about 1940s Vietnam. Isobel M via Tripadvisor said that coconut coffee in Cong café is fabulous. It is a perfect combination between delicious creamy coconut frozen things with coffee. The décor is also super cute and kitsch. Definitely worth a try!

Open 07: 00 AM-10h30 PM |101 Hoang Cau Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Ca Phe Pho Co

Like its name, this coffee shop is an old house situated in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, so it quite hard for visitor to find for the first time. However, despite the position, it draws a variety of people including both foreign and local ones for its fabulous drinks and exquisite antique décor. The most favorite seating is on the terrace, which takes about three flights of stair. From the terrace, guests might get a plum overview of the spectacular Hoan Kiem Lake and street round Hoan Kiem Lake with thousands of motorbikes and cars.

In terms of drinks, along with Giang café, café pho co is another great choice for egg coffee. Besides, you can find a dozens of different beverages on menu such as smoothies, shakes, sundaes or beer.

Open 07: 00 AM-10h30 PM | 11 Hang Gai (4th floor) | Access through a silk shop on street frontage, Hanoi



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