You can admire the charming mountain and enjoy chicken, grilled fish right on the boat.

Da River started flowing into Vietnam from the border with China in Muong Te district (Lai Chau). The river flows through the Northwest provinces of Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh and Phu Tho. At the end of Phu Tho, Da river joins with Red and Lo rivers to the sea.
Previously, the river was famous for being fierce with many rapids. To go down, the boat operator must have a lot of experience and firmly hold the paddle. The talent of boatmen used to be described by writer Nguyen Tuan in the literary “The boatman of Da river”.

Currently, the river becomes peaceful, the water is much greener. In some areas, localities have exploited tourism. Visitors can take a boat down the river, visit several islands, stay in the homestay on the shore.

On the river route stretching more than 500 km, you will see many bridges connecting the banks, helping people and goods easily move.

The landmark marking the center of the old district of Quynh Nhai was erected at the place where Quynh Nhai District Television Station was once located (Son La) was submerged deep in the hydroelectric reservoir.

The two sides of the bank are consecutive mountain ranges. People cultivate vegetables and fruit trees in some areas, creating green areas with variety of shades.

Afternoon on the Da River reminiscent of the charming landscape of Ha Long Bay.

Currently, on the Da River, there are three large hydropower plants: Lai Chau, Son La and Hoa Binh.


Temple of King Le Thai To is located on a high land with a stele that is recognized as a national treasure. It is the cliff that engraved the epitaph that recorded King Le Thai To stoped rebellion in the Northwest region in 1431.

Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle and customs of ethnic H’Mong, Thai, Dao, Muong … when visiting villages.

Currently, boats running along the river do not have overnight sleep service. Therefore, visitors can choose to rest at the resorts, hotels or homestays built on stilt houses on the river bank.

Da riverside resorts in Son La and Hoa Binh provide many services such as sailing, rafting, kayaking, trekking …

Go to the Northwest provinces, do not forget to enjoy the typical dishes with fresh food such as bamboo shoots, Da river fish, pigs, buffalo meat cooked with leaves, sticky rice …