At the Skuon market or other parts of Cambodia, visitors will be surprised by the pots of crispy Black Spiders that many people do not dare to eat.

The Skuon market in Cambodia has a specialty that is often cited as one of the most dreaded dishes in the world, the black spider. Photo: Lonelyplanet.

This spider is really here and becomes a specialty. Photo: Alamystock

In addition to spiders, the market also sells many other insects. Photo: Gettyimages

Spiders are crisp, eat with herbs, noodles or rice. Photo: Alamystock

Many say that this dish tastes like chicken. Photo: Pinterest

However, you should only eat the leg because the belly contains the viscera. Photo: Timetravelturtle

This food appeared from the famine in 1970. Photo: Travelandescape.

Local people turned spiders into food beacause of hunger. Photo: Pickyourtrail.

However, today’s spiders are considered special and are popular with many visitors. Photo: Pinterest