Spring is known as the most colorful and beautiful season in Vietnam. Spring is also the best time to land in this beautiful country because the weather is warm and flowers start to bloom over the entire country.

If you are looking for a Holiday in Vietnam in Spring (from February to April), you should well prepare long time ago, partucularly before Lunar New Year. Then you must plan you trip before February so that you are able to witness the Tet festival. During the Tet Festival you can see the country bursting with colors, escpeically in big cities such as Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City.

Plan Detail Itinerary before Tet Holiday
On Tet Holiday, all travel agent will be closed, which makes you difficult to book services, particularly best services. There are some important things you must keep in mind if you plan to travel to Vietnam in Spring.
The most important thing is booking your plane and train tickets well in advance when the international ticket prices are low. You should book one month or even several months ago before Tet Holiday because once it reaches mid-January, the ticket prices will sky rocket. The reason is that a lot of people will be visiting their family members during that time to celebrate the New Year.
Secondly, you should also book hotel before January. Hotel should be the best because you have to stay and refresh yourself there. Hotel should be clean, quite and good service. Because during Tet Holiday, many tourists, particularly foreigners, come to visit Vietnam then make sure you book good hotel.
It is good idea if you spend you time on the beach or in your cosy hotel room because some tourist attractions might be closed for a few days.
If you still not understand thoroughly about Vietnam and you don’t want to book by yourself, please contact with us for help. We are so pleased to organize the tour for you. But please contact soon if you want to have tour in Tet Holiday.
So when you travel to Vietnam in Spring, please remember to book international and domestic tickets well ahead of your trip to make sure you book in low fare. That way also help you to save a lot of money in the trip and you can spend it for activities in Vietnam.
All tips I think can help you to have a great trip in Vietnam.