Shan state is home to one of the most significant tourism symbol of MyanmarThe Inle Lake. However, Shan State is much more than that; it also owns many other potential and charming destinations. Besides the stunning landscape, a trip to Shan state also offers exposure to the unique regional culture richness which comes from so many different ethnic groups.


It is about 7 hour-driving from Yangon. It was once a favored get-away of the colonial era. The trace of this era still exists in the architecture of this mountainous holiday resort area. Kalaw is an ideal destination for hiking and trekking due to immense pine forests.


Pindayya is about 45-minute drive from Kalaw. With magnificent caves, it is one of the greatest destinations in Shan State. In these caves, you will be surrounded by hundreds of ancient stupas. The cave is the pilgrimage destination for thousand people each year. It is one the signature sight of Pindaya that you can’t miss on your vacation in the Shan state.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is the essential destination of any Myanmar trip. It is hard to resist its charm and incredible landscape. It stands out from other destinations for the unique lifestyle of Shan people. Here you can visit the floating villages and spend the last hours of the daytime to watch the incredible sunset.


Taunggyi is the capital of Shan state. The city is blessed with cool weather and a peaceful atmosphere, which makes a favorable place to live. Taunggy is busiest during the festival season. The city annually holds a hot-balloon festival in every November. It is also one of the musts to visit pagodas in Taunggyi. To enjoy the culture, you should visit the famous local market where you can find a lot of unique items embedded with the distinctive culture feature of the local people.


It is a miss not to mention Hsipaw on this list. Hsipaw is a worth-visiting destination with full of surprise. Owning a wonderful landscape, it is one of the greatest places for trekking and hiking. And it is also a promising destination for having one of the most beautiful train tracks in the world.