Sticky rice is a big thing in Vietnam. For Vietnamese people, sticky rice is a great company in every single occasion, from big sacred ceremonies to daily breakfast. When you’re traveling to Hanoi, don’t just party too hard on some exceptional well-known dishes like bun cha or pho and ignore the presence of sticky rice. Because, to be honest, in a position of a true Vietnamese, it is sticky rice, not any other dishes that could be the real national symbol of Vietnamese cuisine.

So, where can you find the best sticky rice in Hanoi? You will probably have your own answer to that question at the end of this article.

Hang Dieu Fried Sticky Rice

Fried Sticky rice is a variety of the original sticky rice. For some people, they consider fried version to be much of favor than normal sticky rice. Anyone who loves the taste of greasy food should try fried sticky rice should try the fried version in Hang Dieu. The chef will fry sticky rice only after receiving an order, which means you could have it while it is still crispy and hot. It will be served with egg and Vietnamese sausage. Fresh cucumber salad which goes with the main dish is extremely good.

Bà Thảo Sticky Rice

Sticky rice here is accompanied by crab sausage. Situated within the Old Quarter, this food stall has one of the most famous sticky rice in Hanoi. Xoi is offered with many options from the plain sticky rice, corn sticky rice, and xoi xeo. The choices of topping are various, from stirred chicken with mushroom, fried chicken, pork, fried shallot or ribs.

Truong Chinh Sticky Rice

Located near the busy crossroad of Nga Tu So, it is one of the famous food restaurant offering sticky rice in Hanoi. Even though being simple in its setting – there is any table but plastic chairs, it still attracts many guests with its amazing sticky rice. The menu offers a quite wide range of sticky rice and topping, however, the most favored among them are sticky rice topped with chilly ribs. Alert for people could not stand the chilliness, you should not for no-chilly option because the chilly is added in a strong dose.

Xoi Yen

Situated in an ideal location, Xoi Yen became one of the most familiar names in Hanoi. Xoi xeo in Xoi Yen is considered as the best xoi xeo (sticky rice with fried shallot) in town. It opens around the day, which is an advantage over other restaurant serving sticky rice.