This lovely little town is not an ideal foodie destination; however, you can still find a bunch of good places where you can find very distinguished dishes. We will give you some worth-try recommendations to grab a bite while navigating this charming town.

Viman Vang Vien

Viman Vang Vien is where you can find fine dishes of Thai and German cuisine as the main chef is a Thai-German. The highly-recommended dishes are Thai curry and beef laap. During the high reason, you might have to make a reservation.

Luang Prabang Bakery is where you can find a various offer for breakfast and brunch. The price is a little bit over-charged; however, it is a cool place where you can drop by for a good coffee and nice breakfast in a cool place.

Gary’s Irish Bar is a great nightlife spot to hit. The menu includes good beef burgers, pie with mash and gravy and some other Irish food. Gary Bar is a cool and reliable place to hang out. It has always been one of the most visited eateries in Vang Vien.

Vang Vien Organic Farm or the Organic Mulberry Farm is one good out-door eating spot. All the ingredient is grown by the farm themselves. You should probably try its goat cheese and yellow harvest curry, spring rolls, and mango sticky rice. Located quite far from the town center, Vang Vien Organic Farm is next to the tubing spot. If you are setting out to try tubing, you should surely visit Vang Vien Organic Farm for an authentic lunch.

Restaurant du Crabe d’Or

Foreign as the name may sound, Restaurant du Crabe d’Or is one of the best places in town to offer Lao cuisine. Setting with the wonderful Riverside Boutique Resort, this restaurant will give you a fancy and classy atmosphere as well as an impressive view of the cliffs. A sundowner will make an ideal company with this setting.

In the category of Italian food, there is no place could beat Il Tavolo this point. Authentic Italian pizza, pasta, gnocchi, and risotto is always the best choice for you. It would make a nice treat if you are caught in an Italian food crave.

With these recommendations, hopefully, you can find your favorite place to enjoy your meal while traveling to Vang Vien.