Muong people account for over 60% of the population of Hoa Binh Province. There are four distinct groups of the Muong people in Lac Son District, including Muong Bi, Muong Vang, Muong Thang and Muong Dong.

Lac Son, some 50km from Hoa Binh City to the South West of Hoa Binh Province, is a land which preserves many old features of Muong people’s culture.

At an elevation of 1,071m above sea level, Cot Ca Mountain in Quy Hoa Commune, is sometimes referred to as the roof of Lac Son District.

One of the most impressive sights of this hilly region is actually the houses of the Moung people, which are still built in the traditional way, on stilts. Each household resides on the peak of a mountain or a hill.

Modernity has partially affected their culture; more and more, the traditional dress is being discarded for more modern garb. Still, the mystery and natural way of the lifestyle here is worth seeing. In any case, there are still relics of the old ways: Ao Com (a traditional Muong shirt), old songs, and special foods are still to be found.

Photos of the Muong Vang:


The colour green symbolises vitality in the Doi Thung area

Houses in the forest

Muong women go about their daily activities

Returning home with mom