A series of photographs of women dressed like ninjas driving motorbikes or people carrying bulky in Hanoi.

“The four super-men” is a collection of photographers Pham Thanh Long revolves around motorcycles, popular vehicles in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. The name of the set is derived from the pairing of 4 single images with similar content.

“In my spare time, I often go up on the bridges that capture the realities of motorbike life in Vietnam today,” said Long, who shared his idea.

These very old motorbikes, having no fender on the streets of Hanoi. Photographs were taken from the bridge over the crossroads.

These are the images that Vietnamese people see every day, but they become different through the view and the story of the author.

Many call the capital’s traffic like a “fill in the blanks” as the means of transportation all over space. Over time, this bad habit becomes a typical image of Vietnamese traffic in the eyes of visitors.

Many foreigners consider crossing the road in Vietnam as a game of adventure.

Photos of traffic in Hanoi from above are not new ideas. Previously, there was a set of photographs of street vendors viewed from the overpass made by photographer Loes Heerink. Pham Thanh Long’s picture set has more rich angles.

According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, after over 10 years of compulsory regulations, the percentage of motorcycle helmet drivers in Vietnam is over 90%.

Motorbikes and bicycles are still popular in Vietnam. The photo was taken in November.

The scene of old motorbikes carrying the cumbersome goods was named “The dividers”. Previously, the Dutchman ‘s “The Brave Driver,” a Dutch photographer, was featured in the Daily Mail.

By 2017, Vietnam has about 51 million motorbikes out of a total of more than 95 million people. According to statistics of the Vietnam Association of Motorbike Manufacturers, there are an additional 8,768 new motorbikes in Vietnam each day.

The women on the street with sun protection clothes are called by a generic name “ninja.”

In contrast to the “ninja quartet” are the men “hair wind off”. The photo was taken from November to December 2018.

Many people are unsafe to ride when their feet are high, removing mirrors.

The way men bring their wives and bulky goods from the suburbs into the inner city.