In recent years, the street cafe near the train way has become one of the most attractive destinations in Hanoi. Unlike daytime silence, life is more bustling at night.

Night falls down in small neighborhood

As the sun goes down, the darkness fades. On the way, people hurry to go back to their family. The streets in Hanoi begin to light. The small side of the road as it becomes more exciting. The sound of life such as: children’s play, people prepare meals for dinner,… echo throughout space.

When was the street cafe formed?                 

North-South railway line has been built since the French colonial period. Ever since, the people working in the railway industry started building houses in the corridor area. Each house was converted into a small hamlet, through from Long Bien station to the end of Le Duan. For more than 30 years, many generations have lived here. There are children born and raised near the rails.

The residents live near the train way

Located in the middle of Hanoi, the street is not only the home of the workers in the railway industry in the past. Ms. Mai, a train guard for more than 30 years and retired, said many low-income workers come here to rent. Mostly from the provinces around Hanoi such as Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho. During the day, young people go to work, young children go to school. A few elderly people stay home and few tourists visit here so the area was quite quiet. In the evening, the whole family gathers. If you come to town  at night, you will see almost people here prepare the dinner. Maybe because of work all day, this is also a time for neighbors to have time to talk. From the small house with the acreage about 20m2, the light of the electric lamp light up with a burst of laughter.

West tourists excited

At 19 o’clock, foreign tourists gather in cafes in the street. They sip coffee, call several bottles of beer, and look out as if waiting for something. Ms. Dung, the owner of a cafe, informe them to come here for the train. The reason why foreigners know this place, I do not know. However, many people return 3-4 times. A few minutes later, the train’s whistle sounded, and she reminds them to come in and stay safe. As the train crosses, many people clap and excite.


When the train passe, visitors leave that street. Small town goes back to status original. The night is late, people in the neighborhood still do their own work. One tries to finish his work, one finds a corner of relaxation for himself and some people like Mai quickly clear the goods to return home. The lights disappear. The treet near the train way is deep in the night. Then, tomorrow, when the sun rises, they start again with rice, clothes, money …