Just about 20 kilometers from the capital city of Hanoi, Bac Ninh is an attractive and culture-rich destination that you should not miss on your holiday in Hanoi. Bac Ninh – a province located to the east of Hanoi is an off-the-beaten-track destination to tourists; nevertheless, it boasts significant heritage from the past and it is where you can explore the charm of an old Vietnam.

Beside the famous handicraft villages as Dong Ho Painting Villages and Phu Lang Pottery Village, Bac Ninh is also known as the hub of religious sites. Everyone traveling to Bac Ninh should not miss the temple and pagoda-hopping. Bac Ninh is home the many of the most incredible and significant ancient temples and pagodas of Vietnam. These temples and pagodas are once the essential religious center of the whole country. They are also the pride of the national architecture.

Đô Temple

Built in 1030, the temple has a long history of almost thousand years. It is constructed in the honor of the Ly Dynasty’s Eight King. Dinh Bang Village, the home to Do Temple is actually the birthplace of the first king of the Ly Dynasty – Ly Cong Uan. The sight is not only significant in the historical aspect, but it is also a valuable construction in term of architecture. The temple illustrates the signature architectural features of the Ly Era with a distinctive layout, sculpture, decoration details, or wood-carving. It also holds an annual festival in 15th of the Third month of the lunar calendar. It is the important pilgrimage destination of Vietnamese people, where they can pay respect to the country-builders.

You can also further your visit beyond the Do Temple by navigating around Dinh Bang Village. With a rural lifestyle and a charming and peaceful atmosphere, Dinh Bang Village gives you a glimpse into the life of Vietnamese people in rural area.

Bút Tháp Pagoda

Together with Chua Dau, also another religious attraction in Bac Ninh, But Thap Pagoda is one of the pagodas with the largest constructional scale in Vietnam. But Thap or Phap Van Pagoda is of the most significant Buddhism pilgrimage sights in the northern part of Vietnam. The pagoda is first constructed before the 13th century; however, it was in 16th that it went under a great reconstruction which gave it the present appearance. It was done with the help of the Empress dowager who has retreated to this pagoda and led a religious life here.

The pagoda features the very distinctive architectural style of the era in which it was built. Visiting the site will give you an insight and knowledge about Vietnamese ancient architecture.

Dâu Pagoda

Built about 1800 years ago, Dau Pagoda is considered as the oldest pagoda in Vietnam. It was among the very first constructions of the Buddhism in Vietnam. It was once an important site for religious exchanges between Vietnam and Buddhism monks from other countries.

Even though the remains is less spectacular than it used to be; however, it still contains the priceless value in term of architecture, religion, and history.

Phat Tich Pagoda

Phat Tich is another important religious pagoda that you should visit. Phat Tich was once a significant religious construction of the region. The destructive war has made its prime era a history; however, with the effort to restore its original construction, the pagoda has retained somewhat their original charm. The fascinating part of the pagoda is its collections of religious artworks like sculptures, statues of Buddha and artifacts, all of them are the representatives for the aesthetic style of the Ly Era.

A trip to Bac Ninh will give you an excellent experience of a religious tour.

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