“The symphony of bread” and “The new king of the world sandwich” are beautiful words used by foreign visitors for the preference for Vietnamese bread. The deliciousness of bread varies from region to region, not only stimulating the guests’ taste but also show the diversity of Vietnamese food culture.  Hanoi Having ranked the first on the list of cities getting the most wonderful cuisines in the world, Hanoi is the land of a plethora of good bread. If you are planning to your Hanoi excursion, note this bread for your list of food for breakfast. The bread of Beef au Vin, the one in a million food, is one of shouldn’t-miss dishes for those travelling to the capital of Vietnam. Besides, steak breads, grilled pork breads or kebab breads sold on the Cua Nam, Luong Ngoc Quyen or Thai Thinh street leave guests special impressions. The Hanoi bread has created its own brand.