“The symphony of bread” and “The new king of the world sandwich” are beautiful words used by foreign visitors for the preference for Vietnamese bread. The deliciousness of bread varies from region to region, not only stimulating the guests’ taste but also show the diversity of Vietnamese food culture. 

Having ranked the first on the list of cities getting the most wonderful cuisines in the world, Hanoi is the land of a plethora of good bread. If you are planning to your Hanoi excursion, note this bread for your list of food for breakfast.
The bread of Beef au Vin, the one in a million food, is one of shouldn’t-miss dishes for those travelling to the capital of Vietnam. Besides, steak breads, grilled pork breads or kebab breads sold on the Cua Nam, Luong Ngoc Quyen or Thai Thinh street leave guests special impressions. The Hanoi bread has created its own brand.

Recently, pan breads (banh my chao) are strongly impressing people and become one of the most preferable food among Hanoi teenagers. From the idea of Western beefsteak, bread stores give birth to a dozens of harmonious combination among ingredients like pate, beef, omelet, sauce and loads of crisp bread.

One of the most renowned foods in the port city Haiphong, stick breads has been sold since 1980s and now become the culinary beauty of this city. Banh my que/ banh my cay (stick bread/ spicy bread) is just a little bit bigger than man’s finger. With only several thousand Vietnamdong (Vnd), you can savor the culinary beauty of the port city.

Spicy bread is quite simpler in comparison with other breads since it just consists of little pate and herbs. Yet the most important making this food special is special chili sauce, adding deliciousness to it. Moreover, breads are baked with smoldering wood after the order, so stick breads are always crisp. This bread is pretty cheap, just about 0.2$ per load.

Talking about Hoian cuisines, people often think of Phuong and Madam Khanh bread store. These two stores have become so popular that a great number of visitors have flown here and given those lots of praise.

Hoian breads are different from others in terms of the slim shape, two spikes and hard crust. The bread filler is the harmonious combination of many ingredients made by traditional methods of different families; so this bread keeps its unique taste. It used to be recognized as the most excellent bread in the world.

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The bread of this sea city brings its own local taste, which is well-known for no-butter, crisp and emptier crumb than Saigon’s one. The most famous bread in Nhatrang is the bread of grilled chopped fish, featuring the sea regions. Grilled chopped fish is made from mackerel meat cured with ingredients and fired under the oil; and then it is eaten with chili sauce, herbs and cucumber. That is incredible!

Saigon has been considered as the homeland of famous Vietnamese pork bread roll for years. People here actually change the French baguette into ordinary and common bread across the country.
The grilled pork bread roll is the most preferable one in Hochiminh city. Each load of bread includes several slices of grilled pork, salad, herb along with some special sauce, helping to enhance the taste of bread.

Besides, bread of pha lau is also one of interesting changes of baguette. You can savor this bread by dipping it into the sauce of pha lau. There a variety of pha lau for you to choose like pha lau of pork, egg or liver. Nice smell of the sauce of pha lau, the spicy taste of chili and herbs make this food amazing. Savoring this bread watching the daily life in a peaceful morning is absolutely idea within your Southern Discovery.

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