Tips before the actual trip:
– To climb Fansipan mountain smoothly and confidently, you would do exercise daily before the trip because it’s going to be trekking 5-7 hours per day and be prepared with the team in Sapa who arrange all important equipment, tour guide, porters, food, clothing, cooking, sleeping house on mountain. There is a lot of fun during the trip and the pride of conquering the toughest rout ever.

Climbing tips: Daily, easily you run around the lake or don’t take elevator in your building, just step up to your floor base for some days or walking, jogging, swimming or riding a bike are all good ways to increase your aerobic fitness then surely you can conquer Fansipan peak with good assistant team from Sapa.
– Bring warm clothes! Trust me, it’s freezing up in the winter there during night time (if you feel athletic you can do the trek within a day, but if not then you will have to spend one night in a camp or in the house at the height of 2 800m like we did).

– Bring as few things in your backpack as possible, only necessary stuff (such as warm clothes, new socks, scarf, and flash light that can be tightened on your forehead in case you have to go in the dark) but no worry, a team in Sapa will help you arrange all necessary thing before the climb. Climb Fansipan Team will advise you in the group meeting, just check with them.

It is for me?
The climb is pretty strenuous as we walk through hilly terrain with our back packs and the temperature is sometimes hot and muggy changing to 0 Censius at the top of Mt Fansipan in the winter and rainny days. Climb Fansipan team recommend that you undertake regular aerobic activities in One week before you climb, particularly if you are not in the habit of regular exercise. Walking, jogging, swimming or riding a bike are all good ways to increase your aerobic fitness, which will allow you to enjoy the trek to its fullest. This trip is advisable to contact Climb Fansipan before you join the trip. Climb Fansipan will advise you all the useful information before you go and also suggest the best way to climb Fansipan smoothly. Nowsaday, Cable car will be useful for you in case you feel tired to trek down. It takes only 20 minutes to go up or down by Cable Car and plus 20 minutes to travel by car from Sapa town to cable car train station and walking times from station on mountain to the peak.

Not afraid of your health in case?
You can do trekking for the first day and sleep in the house on mountain, the second day, you can trek down smoothly or use cable car flying quickly in 20 minutes to cable car station.