If you, a foreigner still wonders where you should go within the Tet holiday in Vietnam, this article will help. Just take a look!

Sa Pa Town

This well-known highland town is well far away from the capital, approximately 370 km and up to 1.6 km above the sea level, so it is an ideal escape from the hustle city.

Due to its height, the weather in Sapa is often chillier than that in other parts of Vietnam. Particularly, it is often very cold in first month of the new year and sometimes it snows. Despite snow, peach blossom keep blooming all over the town. The normal pink flower is surprisingly beautiful under the white snow, which make the small town amazingly charming, especially in cold sunny days. It is absolutely a like-heaven town.

One more thing, do not miss grilled eggs and grilled sweet potatoes, which taste much more delicious in cold days than in ever.

Moc Chau Plateau

Also situated in the northern highlands, Moc Chau Plateau is also situated in the northern highlands of in Son La Province is not as chilly as Sa Pa. But, it is similarly beautiful during the ongoing season of peach and plum blossoms.

Many Hanoians choose the plateau, as it is closer than Sa Pa, given that it is less than 200 kilometers from the capital city. It means that they can celebrate Tet with their families for one or two days before heading to this haven.

Da Nang – Hoi An

Hoi An is Ancient town nicely located down the river of  Thu Bon, on the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province, about 30 km south of Danang City. Hoi An used to be known as international trading port with many different names such as Lam Ap, Faifo, Hoai Pho and Hoi An.

What make it is so special about Hoi an, this little port town is in an incredible state of preservation. It gives us many imagine – concentrated sights in Vietnam with its old streets bordered with ancient houses and assembly halls, pagodas, temples, ancient wells and tombs. Totally, more than a thousand interesting places. The architecture of Hoi An is characterized by a harmony combination between Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. Throughout centuries, Hoi An is still respectful of its traditions, folk festivals, beliefs and sophisticated culinary art. Set in the slow pace environment, Hoi An is surrounded by peaceful villages that have crafts such as carpentry, bronze making, ceramic..


Nowadays Hoian become one of most popular destination of Asia holiday due to it gathers all elements to be the best for visiting

Another reason for you visit Hoi An this Tet: admission to the ancient town is free from February 18-21, which are the New Year’s Eve and the first three days of the new year.


If you are a history or architecture lovers, Hue is absolutely a great option.

As the former capital of Vietnam, the city boasts a world-famous complex of royal tombs and ancient pagodas among many historic buildings. The quiet city is known for its peaceful and somewhat holy atmosphere. Travelling to Hue, you’ll find the purest, calmest, most beautiful and attractive things. So it is also another great choice for Tet holiday in Vietnam.

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