1. We only have one life. If you do not take advantage of it, we will never have the opportunity to travel like this again.

This may sound funny, but the truth is when young is about time that we have plenty of time to travel. We grew up and then…, especially at the time our family will have a lot of constraints and commitments that you do not have much chance to explore when you were young. you do not hesitate to seize the opportunities brought you to the land of your dream or simply go to a local that you have never come to eat, sleep, and live with the local people and you will learn a lot of interesting things.


2. Travelling teaches us much more realistic than the book
 Reading helps us to have more knowledge about the world. But it will help us to experience the reality of what we read or seen on film. Take a decent day, ready to learn a wisdom. So let’s go, let’s experience and maturity through each trip.


3. Travelling help you understand more about the world and understand yourself more
You will find yourself so small between this vast world. You’ll find that you’ve spent too much time thinking and suffering to the individual needs, while those less fortunate, those who have meaningless sometime. Going more and more friendly, you will easy to understand and empathize with other people, you will know to love yourself and others.


4. Step away from the familiar, the more mature

            When entering a journey you will live another day entirely with your normal day. You meet new people, eat new foods, learn a new culture. You will need an open mind to welcome everything.


5. And finally, why don’t you pack your luggage and travel ? 

Maybe you will often hear many young people say, “My mother wanted me to stable job” or “I do not have much money” or “I do not have time” … It was all fallacies! Have you spent a lot of time to work hard, why not take yourself some time to explore new things outside the world of your work? If no one makes a companion, why not try to travel alone?