Maldives is famous in the world, known as paradise on earth and wrote in every notebook of addictive travel people, the activities of a beach where the sea is being invaded by the day becomes extremely attract tourists. However, in Vietnam, there are islands, bays are beautiful and legendary Maldives, causing the HOTTEST places in this summer.

Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan


In the early 2013, the 16km long road leading to Vinh Hy Bay is put into use has caused much curiosity for tourists. The road along the romantic hills has opened up a beautiful landscape endless.


Anyone coming to Vinh Hy Bay are overwhelmed as standing and looking down from above, like a painting. Vinh Hy has colored blue water and beautiful natural scenery. About 5 km from the bay is a place not to be missed: Hang Rai – Nui Chua. Here there are ancient coral reefs make up the stunning spectacle.


Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh


Tourism Quy Nhon only known a few years ago, when the Thi Nai Bridge – the largest bridge crossing the road connecting  Quy Nhon City to  Ly Nhon Commune formed island. The beach in Quy Nhon carries certain charisma, color sky blue sea, white sand and majestic cliffs.


In addition, in Nhon Ly Eo Gio bring back panoramic view of the sea or rock Quy Nhon eggs at the tomb of poet Han Mac Tu painting at moments like the dawn. Living cost is cheap, friendly fishermen and unspoiled scenery is what Quy Nhon impress visitors near and far.


Nail island, Kien Giang


Duong Hoa Commune, Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province is located offshore, Nail recently been known as the ideal place for those who want to “leave town” and come to somewhere peaceful, sparsely populated and picturesque to delight diving with the sea, snorkeling, sea food or simply lying on the sand as lazy guys.


Beach in Nail island is clear and has emerald green and coconut trees, huge rocks placement entirely by nature hands, white sand beaches make the different, go ahead into the island are experiencing burning pastures flickers few kilometers nail trees – the origin of the island name.


It can be said, true nature incentives for the country such as the Maldives, but also not forgotten Vietnam when give on S-shaped strip of land so much the poetic landscapes, majestic converge at the sea. Experience the beach in Vietnam, it is like your wishes travell to Maldives growing a little closer.

Nam Du Island, Kien Giang


Enchanting backpacker when only 250km from Saigon, Nam Du increasingly becoming an attractive destination for tourists. Avoid travel time on October to December, we can see the sea in Nam Du quite smoothly into the blue, white sand here and especially the sea coconut reflected on the beach extremely beautiful and romantic.

Diving and snorkeling Hon Lon, resting under coconut trees in Hon Dau, camping in Hon Hai Bo Dam, sightseeing poetic, harmonious combination between the sea – island with the humanistic values associated associated with the history and culture of the area, discover Ma Thien Lanh hills … and enjoy plenty of delicacies will be the most wonderful experience coming to the beautiful island Nam Du.


Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai


Known as the “Maldives of Vietnam”, so Ly Son is the most credible competitor comparison to Maldives. This is an island belong to district of Quang Ngai province, trains station that  still limited to Ly Son island, so tourists are not too many, just enough to still busy, but not bustling.


Big Island have a Thoi Loi, Archway, Hang Pagoda, Hang Cau, Hon Mu Cu … Be An Binh Island again attracted to the white sand surrounded by cliffs, rocks, large and small, scene wild animals more points, grassy, wildflower. Ly Son was covered with a blue color of the, and garlic season these days, creating beauty hard to resist.