Inle Lake

Inle is the second largest freshwater lake in Shan state, Myanmar. Travelers often choose Nyaung Shwe town to stop because it is easy to rent a boat to explore the beautiful landscapes as well as the life of the surrounding villages. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar, Inle Lake is best known for its unique fishing methods, rowing with one leg.

Although tourism in the region has increased in recent years, it still retains its natural beauty. Come to Inle, you will experience the feel of the floating house on the river, an ideal place to immerse yourself in the magical beauty of nature.

Golden Rock

Golden Rock has a Kyaiktiyo pagoda on a mountain at about 1,100 meters above sea level. This sacred stone rests on the mountain (the contact surface of the mountain is only 78 cm²) and its surface is gold plated near the edge of the mountain, as if it could fall at any time. However, this stone is solid over the years.

When traveling to Myanmar, spend a night here, hear the sound of the bells. You will find that the soul is calm, relaxed, ..


The name of the city of Mandalay allows guests to easily feel the tranquility. However, the city is animated by many exciting activities taking place in the street.

Just get out of the hotel room and wander the streets of Mandalay, you will know that your decision is perfectly right. This city draws you not only to the bustling markets, street foods, or the beauty of ancient architecture, but the joy of the people here. You integrate quickly into life in Mandalay. In addition, Mandalay has the unique Ubein bridge in the ancient village of Amarapura.


The ancient capital of Myanmar, Yangon, is one of the most attractive destinations for travel in Asia. When you come here, you will be completely conquered by the lush lakes, the shady trees of the park and the green tropical plants. That’s why Yangon is called “East Garden”.

Besides the impressive beauty of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda, you will be surprised to see that Yangon has a wide variety of hotels and restaurants, no less than any other developed city. The vibrant nightlife and energy of the city will make you happy, Yangon will offer you a different experience, different from all the cities in the world. .


With a vast array of Buddhist temples, built by kings for centuries, there is no doubt that Bagan is one of the largest archaeological sites on the planet.

With the remaining 2,220 temples (about 13,000 temples), you can explore freely. The temples are located quite close to each other, so you can, depending on the conditions, choose the mode of travel (walking, cycling, bus, tuk tuk or balloon).