Is Myanmar a haven of food in the Southeast Asian? You can get the answer right after exploring 5 delicious dishes that are included in this best-food list.

Tea Leaf Salad.

It is such a brilliant idea to make food out of tea leaf. Most people on earth might have tasted tea before but not many have eaten food made of tea. If you are one of them, you should try this iconic dish once.

Tea leaf is ferment until it is sour, and then it is mixed with other ingredients like chopped cabbage, tomatoes, nuts and beans. It is usually served as a snack.

One thing to keep in might, tea leaf can keep up until dawn, then avoid eating tea leaf salad for your dinner or when you are about to have a nice sleep.

Shan Rice

Shan is the name of an ethnic group in Myanmar. This dish is the culinary creation of Shan people, however, because of its great taste, this dish has thrived as one of the national treasure and a representative of Myanmar cuisine.

To make shan rice, people will cook rice with turmeric, which gives the rice a bright and attractive yellow. After that, fresh-fish and garlic oil are added.


When traveling to Myanmar, you would be at a terrible loss not trying Myanmar curry. It comes in a variety of options: you can choose between beef, pork, shrimp and fish to eat with the main curry.

Tea dessert

Myanmar has a taste for teas. That’s reason why we have tea leaves salad. Drinking tea is obvious a big thing in Myanmar; what’s more, dessert which served with tea is also a highlight in the food culture of Myanmar.

You can choose among various appetizers: meat-dumping dim sum, sweet cake or fried snack and so on.

Sweet snacks of Myanmar

Myanmar might be the right place for sweet-tooth because sweetness is the most-focused taste of Burmese cuisine. You can find the truth when trying some of the sweet snacks of this country.

Not like in other countries, instead of using sugar to add the sweetness, Burmeses use coconut, rice, and fruit. It will give you a whole new experience with sweetness.

These are just some of the most distinctive dishes that you can find in Myanmar. To have the full experience of Myanmar, you can contact us at to get more information about Myanmar vacations, Laos vacation, and Cambodia vacation.