It would be a never-ending run on the topic of Vietnamese transportation. There are so many obscure and unpredictable things happening in the road of Vietnam that would makes any foreigner dropping their jaw on their first encounter Vietnam’s unearth system of transportation.

Along with most-used means of transportation like car, plane, and scooter, train is still a thing in Vietnam. With a long history of running, train is now still among the popular ways of transportation despite the quite worn-out infrastructure.

If you want to have a different experience on your holiday in Vietnam, don’t heritage to get on a train and travel along the beautiful country.

Here are some tips for your trip by train.

How to book a train ticket

 You can go right to train station and directly book a ticket. Or you can stay at home and book it online at and make an online payment.

Or you can find help from travel agency, hotels to buy a train ticket.

What to expect


Two name you should aware of is SE and TN. SE is new, therefore, more convenient and faster, whereas TN is older and more sluggish. Some SE are even equipped with Wi-fi access.

There are basically four types of seats: the hard chair ticket, the soft chair ticket and the hard sleeper and soft sleeper which are put in order of raising cost. Each of those are split into two option: with air-condition and no air-condition.

On day train, hard seat is fine, however, for a night train, it would be quite irritating because of the turbulent noise mixed with no-sleep condition caused by having no decent place to rest your head. The chance is that you will have to stay up all night.

If you’ve ever heard somewhere on the internet about the notorious delay things of Vietnamese trains and determined to indulge yourself with some minute-late, you will regret. That frequent delay is common in the past, but it is no longer the case. So, be punctual.

It’s worth to aware of the size. These train made for Vietnamese travelers, therefore, the entrance and every things else go in a smaller size. Foreign travelers, therefore, should avoid carrying to large and big back-pack.

Meals are available on board. Not many options are offered. However, in the lower cost carriages, in some stop, there will be some hawker-ladies who board on train to sells specialties of that place for passengers.


Advantages of traveling by train

Of all transportation, train is the best way to enjoy the ride. You can free yourself from demand to being focus on the road as it is when you drive a motorbike or car. Instead, you can invest time to enjoy the fantastic side-track scenery.

Despite of  some uncomfortable thing it may brings, train is still considered as the safest way of transport. In short, traveling by train is still a worth-trying experience.