Enjoy a cup of coffee phin and free your soul to fly all over the roofs of the quaint town, Hoi An.
Needless to say, Hoi An is the apple of many tourists’ eyes.
The ancient town in central Vietnam steals the hearts of visitors with a calm and genuine atmosphere that naturally flows through lines of rustic yellow houses standing humbly side by side, challenging a world of rapid change.

There are different ways to experience Hoi An: strolling through the streets at night with glowing lanterns floating down the Hoai River, cycling around the outskirts and down to the beach or dropping by a cafe to have a drink and see how time stands still in this charming little town.
When it comes to coffee shops, the rooftops at Faifo Coffee and The Chef Café are a great choice.

Unlike bars in Saigon and Hanoi, where rooftops mean fancy and expensive, these two cafés stay close to the true spirit of Hoi An and allow you to escape into a quiet, gentle space as your souls dance over the antique tiled roofs.
Sitting at 130 Tran Phu Street, Faifo Coffee is a two-story house with simple decor. Like other iconic houses in the Old Town, it’s painted a mellow yellow and features wooden furniture.

Not far from here, The Chef Café is hidden away at 166 Tran Phu Street and you have to keep an eye out because it can be easy to miss.
Make your way to these rooftops to discover Hoi An from another perspective, because sometimes, you should stand back and take a look at the whole picture to find out how each and every single piece plays its part in the mosaic.

Source: Vnexpress