Formerly the capital of Vietnam, Ninh Binh is an amazing landscape encompassing a plethora of stunning mountain ranges, enormous green rice paddies, various magnificent grottoes and emerald water.

Trang An complex, an outdoor geological museum with numerous magnificent caves, spectacular mountain ranges, romantic emerald valley water and historic relics was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List of Natural and Cultural Sites in 2014.

Bai Dinh is the largest pagoda in the Southeast Asia, which undoubtedly is a perfect cooperation between humans and the Nature Mother. That is the great pride of Vietnamese in the amazing architecture, historical and cultural values.

Bich Dong is among the most beautiful caves in the north of Vietnam

Thung Nang is a complex of historical sites and scenic natural spots situated close to Tam Coc.

Mua Cave is among the most majestic spots in Ninh Binh, in which you can take perfect trekking. Therefore it’s absolutely for adventurers. Mua Cave is constructed on the basic of Chinese Great Wall, so it takes you about 500 steps to the mountain peak. Although it’s quite challenging it’s certainly worth your efforts due to the scenic mountain-scape from the mountain peak.

Hoa Lu is the former capital of Vietnam; hence it is a special historical and cultural relic. Travelling to this picturesque spot, you can get the chance of exploring the ancient city.

Thai Vi Temple is built in the Tran dynasty. It is highly recommended by a lot of tourists due to its history-rich.

Thung Nham is among tourist attractions proudly boasting various aspects like spirituality, culture, scenery and biodiversity. Thung Nham ecotourism luckily get the advantages of geographical position so it is not only is preferred by local but also foreign visitors.

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