Hanoi street in the night is a mixture of quiet and bustling, full of attraction in the lights.

22h: Jazz bars

Jazz music, cocktails and night appear to be inseparable elements. Being immersed in Jazz versions in a Southeast Asian country will surely be an unforgettable experience for foreign visitors to Vietnam. Hanoi has quite a number of bars that play this type of music, concentrated in the old town with the theme changing day by day. Performance time from 21h to 23h30.

23h: Ta Hien Beer

A visit to Hanoi in the evening should start from Ta Hien, the busiest street when night falls. The street is only about 100 meters long, but the shops are close to each other, famous for snacks and drinks. In the photo is Ta Hien street at 0h.

0h: Join the night club

Many tourists come to Hanoi commented, the time of “music up” – when the bars and clubs are the most fun after 23:00 onwards. The shops in Hanoi are diverse with a wide selection of drinks and prices. The price range ranges from 100,000 VND to tens of million VND for an exciting night of electronic music.

1h: Walking around the old town in the night

The old town in the night is different from the daytime. No more crowded, crowded streets, the streets of the night show up with a hollow and peaceful feature.

1:30: Ice tea along Sword Lake

Drink options in the old town are not as diverse as the day. Apart from convenience stores or automatic water vending machines, many people choose sidewalk water shops along Sword Lake to sit down to chat with friends. The drinking of iced tea and lemon tea near the lake has become a must-have experience for tourists who come to “stroll” the night of Hanoi.

2h: Visit the Cathedral

If it is difficult to have a photo taken with the church due to the overcrowded all the day, go to the Cathedral after 0am. This architecture becomes magnificent and stands out when the city has fallen asleep.

2h30: Dinner at Dong Xuan market

At Dong Xuan Market at night, there are still activities of trading and eating for tourists. Small alley next to the market, located on Hang Khoai street, there are many restaurants close to each other. The famous dishes here include beef hotpot, rib cartilage hotpot and rib soup porridge.

2:30: Eat at late night in the food street

Tong Duy Tan Street is planned to become a culinary street of Hanoi. The shops here serve tourists regardless of the time of day with a variety of dishes such as chicken noodles, hotpot, vermicelli,… and coffee shops. This is also a place often visited by foreign tourists at night by the status of time difference makes the remote visitors difficult to sleep.

3:30: Visiting the night flower market

The focal flower market in Hanoi opened early. From 2:00 am, the markets were lit with the sound of cars, the sound of people buying and selling the whole area. The markets become the busiest at 3am, when both wholesalers and retailers come here to import flowers. Because it is a wholesale market, there are many exotic flowers and seasonal flowers. Quang Ba market attracts many tourists because the distance from the old town to here is relatively close. These markets gradually fade after 5 am, when small businesses put flowers in the streets of Hanoi before waking up.

4h: Rest in a coffee shop

This is quite strange but a few cafes that are open 24 hours will provide you with a bed on the sofa in the shop. These cafes are concentrated in Tong Duy Tan Street, often visited by guests who come home to rest and wait for the new day.