You prefer cheap, tasty or safe food hygiene. It is always a great concern in each trip. The list below shows 10 delicious dishes in Tam Dao with good price.

Chayote leaves

This is one of the 10 delicacies of Tam Đao, a favorite of many people when they are fed up with high protein meals such as meat, fish, …

Chayote Tam Dao is very different from other places. Depending on your taste you can cook it with beef or other recipes such as boiled, stir-fried,….

You can buy as gifts for your friends and relatives. The price of the dish is about 1$/1kg

Thit tai bo kien dot (grilled beef)

The name is enough to make you curious or not?. This is one of 10 delicacies that you should not miss when traveling to Tam Dao. This dish is unique and delicious.

Fresh beef, cut into pieces, hung next to the ant’s nest in the forest. Then they the ants in the nest gone out, these ant will bite the meat. After a definite time, these pieces of beef brought to wash and grilled on charcoal stoves until nine re, after being cooked, this dish is very delicious. When you eat, you can drink with a little wine. The price is around 15-20 $/1kg

Ga doi (Chicken)

Tam Dao chicken can be cooked in diffent recipes, from boiled chicken, fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken roasted salt, chicken hot pot, … Because chickens are naturally fed on the hill so the chicken meat is very delicious.

The price is: 12$ / 1 chicken covered mud grilled

Goby, sturgeon

This is a famous dish in Tam Dao, gobies are often cooked into many dishes such as grilled, fried crispy. The sturgeon is cooked into many dishes such as: sturgeon soup, sturgeon salad, steamed, grilled sturgeon, …


Lon man (boar) is a dish you can not ignore when going to Tam Dao, the original type of wild boar so its meat is very firm. You can steamed, grilled, fried, soup, …Beside pork, you can visit Tam Dao market and call some pork barbecue, at the price of about 0.8$ / 1 skewer meat.

Bamboo shoot

This bamboo shoot is about 25 cm long. This dish tastes a bit bitter, crispy, cool.

Banh tro

Made from sticky rice, with pure water of soybean casing and dried bamboo shoots, Banh tro is very tasty and cool.

Ruou chit (a kind of wine)

This wine is soaked with chit – a worm in the forest. This yellow wine is eye-catching and very tasty.

Banh cuon

Banh cuon is also Tam Đao specialties can not be missed. The flour is cooked from rice paddies grown on the mountain so often more fragrant.

Black sticky rice

This type of black sticky rice is one dish that not everyone can try. Ethnic minority people in Tam Dao cook this dish with special leaves, which form a natural black color. Black sticky rice is good for digestion, blood tonic, headache,…. This is one of the 10 delicious dishes you should not be ignored when traveling to Tam Dao.